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JumpStart your job search with High quality resume from expert resume writers:: Don't let the resume let you down. CVSurgeon.com reproduces some e-mails it has received since inception of our services. The Resume writing services were carried at our New Delhi office for around 8 years & this year this website has been uploaded to widen the circuit.

"You are really surgeons. Looking at my resume, I felt great & more confident. I got a new job at double the last salary. I was sitting idle for 16 months & still I got so many interview calls & selection in one of the leading brand in India at mindboggling salary. Thanks a zillion" - AP Singh, Mumbai

"It is really impressive how you put the stuff I gave you in such a professional display. I would definitely hire ME, I have read the resume and letter 10 times and see absolute perfection. Dear Resume writer par excellence, Add me to your LONG list of happy clients." - Rajesh T, Bhopal

"Thank you for the resume — quite impressive! Hope I can live up to it! I'm starting to think that having such a great, powerful resume to get me off on the right foot with interviewers will really help me tap into a deeper sense of confidence after all these years being out of the loop. The use of power words in the resume is wonderful—they sound great, can be substantiated through the career accomplishments, and I don't have to ‘toot my own horn’! I have no doubt the resume will open doors that might not otherwise have opened for me before, particularly after all these years out of the more traditional workplace. I can't see how anyone wouldn't at least call me in for an interview! To my ‘Mentor’— thanks for taking in all my myriad information from a rather ‘checquered’ career and making it shine. Thanks so much! " - Madhu Prasad, Satna, MP

"I am so pleased with the work you have completed. My resume, cover, and first page statements reflect me and my personality, something I didn't think was possible with someone else putting it together. Your team provides an EXCEPTIONAL service. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues." - Richard Gray, Manhattan, USA

"Thank you for giving a terrific turnaround to my resume. You’ve been great." - Hoo Lee, Singapore

"Unbelievable, after 6 months of searching with no success, I asked you to fix my resume. I mailed your resume to one MNC, they flew me up to interview the next day and I now have a job." - Rangaswamy, Bangalore

"After my unsuccessful job search I decided to get my resume redone, within two week with your resume I had 3 interviews, and two job offers - and the money was on target!" - John, Company Vice President, California

"Thank you for opening doors to my tomorrow!" - Mohd. Yusuf, Dubai

"Thanks a Million! A million thanks, always thanks for your help." - RK Chakravorty, Chandigarh

"Thanks, I would not be where I am today if not for you, I can’t wait until I get to talk with you again." - SV Rao, Singapore

"Thanks, you are so good at what you do, I will continue to recommend you to all of my friends." - Sebastian, Burkina Fasso, Africa

"This is the greatest resume site around. I have been looking for a site that would help me with my resume and yours is the only one who gave me exactly what I needed" - Abhimanyu, Amritsar

"Just wanted to say thank you. This is a quality service!" - Chaitali, Kolkata

"I am absolutely blown away by the quality of resume you sent."- Neeraj Sharma, Noida

"Wow! I mean -- WOW !!! After reading this I'm ready to hire myself! Thanks! - DK Singh, South Extension-II

"Thanks to you and your company for doing such a great job on my resume and letter. I feel that I really got my money's worth!" - Kabir Bajpayee, Hyderabad

"Great Job, I like it!" - Rodrigues, New York

"I am very pleased and I will highly recommend you and your associates in the future." -Rakesh Dhir, Bhopal

"I'm already receiving tons of calls from placement consultants about potential jobs. Thanks!!!" -Savita Chaudhary, Gurgaon

"I had 3 different HRD managers comment on how much they liked the layout, the style, and how it outlined and highlighted my strengths. I went from getting no interviews to interview calls! Your resume did what mine had failed to do: it showed my strengths and piqued HRD managers' interest enough to get them to interview me... My deepest thanks to you. " -BP Rao, Mumbai

We look forward to your feedback.

CVSurgeon.com can JumpStart your job search by providing you with a Professional & Powerful CV. Your CV Writer will be an expert in CV Surgeon's unique CV-writing style, along with possessing general business knowledge, awareness of current trends, marketing savvy, and strong writing & copywriting skills & abilities. One of our CV Surgeons has been a freelance copywriter too. She created a slogan for Virgin Atlantic & won return ticket to UK. Writer conducts a thorough telephonic/ e-mail interview, take an objective look at your background, achievements and skills, and works out on the questionnaire & worksheets filled. Your CV is a marketing tool that can make a tremendous difference in the success of your job search campaign.

*As a Headhunter for the past 7 years & as a former CEO of large groups of companies, his advice comes from an insider’s prospective based on years of working as a HR professional as also with HR professionals and corporate hiring managers. He creates resumes with a strong marketing message that position his clients above their competition. He conducts individualised & personal coaching too for Job Search & imparts skills on attending interviews. His clients sharpen their job-search skills while gaining a comprehensive job-search strategy aimed at quick results.

You may be an expert in Logistics, an expert in R&D or an expert in Siebel and so on
You are so damn confident on your capabilities & your boss is ga ga over you.
Do you know who’s paid by the companies to REJECT your Resume.!


WHY CVSurgeon.com?

The competition is tough and unfair

Your job search is only as strong as its weakest link

A little information is a dangerous thing

Good Resume writing involves asking the right questions.

Pay for things or services you cannot replicate.

Objectivity is priceless. Expert Resume writer in India writes resume professionally at CVSurgeon.com.

Whether you agree or not, corporate life is a contest.Your CV is your visiting card.


Your resume may appeal to your Functional Hiring Head, but it doesn’t Appeal to THE GATEKEEPERS to the companies. You don’t get an interview call.
A Failed resume can cost you thousands of Rupees in lost time, income, and opportunity.
Each extra day you spend looking for work can cost Rs.200 - Rs.5000 or even MORE in your lost income.
If your resume does not sell to the Gatekeepers First, you will not be considered for most desirable and lucrative jobs in your field.

You are an EXTRA-ORDINARY professional but maybe you have an ORDINARY resume
Don't let the resume let you down

Never commit the career harakiri, you are probably committing.
Focus on your Strengths Alone & you can become ONLY Successful

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