Skills of a professional resume writer having an expertise
in preparing a mind blowing resume

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Use the skills of a professional resume writer having an expertise in preparing a mind blowing resume.
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Skills of a professional resume writer having an expertise
in preparing a mind blowing resume

The country is inundated with "Feel Good Factor", coupled with "India Shining" — (Don’t dare ignorance lest you be labeled eccentric). India is shining baby! But why you are whining like opposition party spokesmen? The marketing of a political party is coming of age in India. The noise is so loud that all of us who do not agree with the punch-line prefer to keep silent. To top it all, even some of the opposition members have been floored by the hype and are actually looking for ways to cross over. Says Anil Mahajane, leading resume writer in Asia.

This is sheer inundation of the target audience with a focused information campaign. This is a calculated & well conceived branding strategy, with the achievements carefully worded & showcased in brocade in all the leading newspapers. You are left with no option but to believe. The branding is all pervasive. The opposition think-tank has gone bust & has given up all hopes of winning.

And, though I have been a headhunter for so many years, I am suddenly getting calls from journalists & correspondents all over the world to re-confirm (?) that India is shining so much that even UK & US techies have a bright future in India (in contrast to the days of ’91, when India was thought to be teeming with millions of hungry men & beggars, snakes and cows).

And they wish to be reassured in the positive. If I say the statement is false, they would write me off as an eccentric or an illiterate headhunter. I have no option but to agree. This media hype has given me food for thought for briefing job seekers in the field of Resume writing & resume logistics. We will start with learning from this marketing campaign in the sectors of resume writing, cover letter writing, resume logistics & move on in the next issue to Shining in the Interviews & Shining in the workplace to get very Positive performance appraisals & Faster promotions.

Is your Resume Shining?

Have you ever tried to analyse whether or not your resume is shining? Mind you, you will not get an interview call or an offer letter if your resume is not shining. You look at your resume many times, & unfortunately every time you convince yourself that it shines well or rather very well. The stark reality could be otherwise. Maybe it is not shining. Maybe it is a damp squib. Maybe you are seeing it shine in the light emanating from your own or your close friend’s subjectivity, bias, sheer ignorance of the competition or even narcissism.

Have you ever asked yourself any pertinent question brand positioning questions? For instance, If you are a GM-Marketing in Onida. have you ever seen the resume of GM- Marketing in LG / Samsung / Sony / Philips? Frankly, you have not. Maybe your resume looks trivial before the resume of your competitors? Ignorance is unfortunately not bliss in this case. As a GM-Marketing, you have tried successfully to know your competitors’ marketing plans but, in your private battle for a better job, you are a complete novice. No doubt, you are a professional marketing head, but you are not a professional in resume making.

Lesson no. 1: Your Resume is a Marketing Document, whether you agree or not. So, better start believing it & seeing it as a marketing document to promote your brand.

Lesson no. 2: Accomplished professionals certainly do jobs differently. Haldiram makes better gol gappas & better jalebis. Compaq makes better computers. Swami Chidananda is a better guru. So, use the skills of a professional resume writer having an expertise in preparing a mind blowing resume.
Your resume must shine & create Feel Good Factor among the GateKeepers (Placement consultants as well as HRD heads) & hiring managers. Consequently you will win with thumping majority.

Your Shining Resume needs wide Supply Chain

You work on the flagged 100 and finally shortlist 50 to be given to The marketing head for further shortlisting.
Now you have a Shining Resume. You keep it in a box & it will gather dust. No ad campaign becomes a winning campaign unless accompanied with a solid media plan. The political parties go for print media, they go for digital media & even internet & so does your company. You also need to draw a detailed plan as to which all headhunters your Shining Resume should go to, whether in print or by e-mail, you also must decide which companies need be attacked & made to get a Feel good factor by sending your Shining Resume. You also need to make a list of their websites & start posting your Shining Resume into the careers pages of these websites.

Alternatively, you must go for a resume blast to consultants & companies. Let the world know that you have a shining resume showcasing your unique achievements differently (you alone know that it is penned by a copywriter). This alone will generate marketing enquiries. Maybe every company which matters would love or even compete with all others to hire you. You have a choice. You are now being chased by headhunters & companies alike & you decide which company to join. That is the Magic Mantra for the day.

See you later in the next issue.

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