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Getting resume written by resume writing experts is the in thing in today's fast pace corporate world. There came a Professional an ex-CEO of a couple of large organizations with 15-year experience as a headhunter in India and Middle East. He had a dream to introduce more of professionalism in resume writing in India and the gulf countries. Then came the birth of a website called which can be logged on either by clicking at or pasting the following URL into the browser:
This website opened new floodgates for the resume writing service seekers from as far as South Africa, Singapore, Mauritius and suddenly became the leader in Asia Pacific and middle east market.
The reasons are simple: There is at last an expert resume writer who has an experience rarely found in the resume writers. Most of the resume writers today have good or excellent copywriting skills. Who has the experience of working as CEO in a mega organization? Who else has experience of having worked as a headhunter for close to a decade? The Founder Professional has the distinction of having all the sets and subsets of experiences and on top of it he has been writing on resume, interviews, performance appraisals etc., since 1994 and his published works are available on the website
He has been interviewed extensively by leading newspapers and TV channels on many subjects and such details are also present in the website page
The best part is that The Founder Professional doesn't charge very exorbitant price for his services. was conceived in the form of a website to give opportunity to more professionals in other parts of India & USA to JumpStart their job search by providing them with a thoroghly Professional & Affordable resume writing. This professional resume writing was being regularly carried by The Founder Professional in NCR of Delhi since 1994 - 6 years prior to launch of, and the professionals in this area in the process gaining from the resume writing Expertise of The Founder Professional*.

*As a Headhunter since 1994 and as a former CEO of large groups of companies, his advice comes from an insider’s prospective based on years of working as a HR professional as also with HR professionals and corporate hiring managers. He creates resumes with a strong marketing message that position his clients above their competition. He conducts individualised & personal coaching too for Job Search & imparts skills on attending interviews. His clients sharpen their job-search skills while gaining a comprehensive job-search strategy aimed at quick results.

The Founder Professional is a prolific writer & has been interviewed extensively by media in India & abroad. His observations have been widely published in a whole lot of newspapers. We are giving herebelow various links to some of the online publications. By clicking the links you can see & read his various published articles & observations during the interviews conducted by leading newspapers & websites in India & abroad. He is also a freelance advertising copywriter and can be seen by clicking here at Copywriter:

CV Surgeons are headquartered in the fast emerging corporate capital of India.

CV Surgeons are engaged in Resume writing for quite some time now and have emerged as #1 choice among the professionals at various slots in RESUME' DEVELOPMENT & UPGRADING is a division of Executive Search Safari since 1997. Apart from Headhunting activities, this division is also a Focussed Resume Development Organization promoted by The Founder Professional , an MBA & PGDIT from the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi with around 25 years of rich corporate experience having worked successfully as CEO in a couple of Top Indian Corporates. He founded an e-group IPCNW (India Placement Consultants Network) which is being run by him as group Moderator.This Group is having a lot of leading Placements Consultants & agencies spread across the country as members and can be accessed by clicking here .

JobzTel Consulting Group is a HeadHunting and Search agency. It is established in the corporate circuit as a Fast and an Accurate HEADHUNTER organisation. Our charges and terms are not very reasonable. We charge More as we get you VERY NATURALLY, what nobody else could not ever get you with great hardwork too! If you are a corporate you may click here to get across the page giving you brief on our Headhunting Arm.

For, We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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