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52 years now. Ex-CEO of a large multi-million dollar company. Qualified professionally from prestigious IIFT. Amateur & published writer since childhood. Professional writer for last five years, with experience in magazine and Web writing. Author of scores of articles for online and print publications
Writer and Editor—creative writing, print and electronic media
Curriculum vitae(s), Curriculum vita, Curriculum vitae format(s), Curriculum vitae sample(s), Curriculum vitae template(s)
Website creation/ maintenance, design and content writing
Formatting and editing program publications and electronic newsletter
Research and writing for an ezine-"CareerTipsWeekly".

I am for freelance for ad agencies and for direct clients. Can do everything you'd expect, from national press campaigns to sales letters. (including direct mail) I'm available short term, long term, on site or out of sight. And I'm prepared to travel. I've worked on several websites. My passion with writing made me write for a website with new funda for getting a job in Middle East. This passion only made me write for another first of its kind website in asia.
I am not writing novels or poems. Just articles, newsletters, regular letters, reports... communications with your customers that convey ideas and information & promotes purchase. I don’t even care a hoot about punctuation, queen's english or other “rules” of proper writing (Hinglish or hindustani or Chatroom Lingua or SMS lingua cuts better ice with the audience)

What you in the direct marketing business want is clean, simple, direct writing... almost like talking to someone in his languge. This is the way I give real value to our customers. By writing in a way that makes it easy for them to get at the ideas and information they want.

I can create interesting corporate identity packages and advertisements that add ample equity to the client's brands. It' is my job to understand the clients' needs and tailor the copy in such a way that it promotes the sale of the product or service. Depending on the medium, I have to write a compelling press ad for publication, a dialogue or jingle for a radio spot, content for a website or a detailed storyboard for a TV commercial. While the finished product may look simple, a great deal of brain-wracking effort goes into turning out that single catchy phrase that will set the Ganges on fire. Besides oodles of versatility and a way with words, I have the ability to chisel and craft my 'copy' into a subtly compelling sales pitch. I might be writing copy for a new brand of lipstick in the morning, a TV spot for a tourist destination in the afternoon, and thinking up a snappy brand name for a new fast food joint in the evening! That you must be well read and clued into what's happening around you goes without saying. Like a good copywriter, I am able to think Laterally and Originally each time, to co-relate masses of data and research findings in order to present the conclusions in message that is lucid and convincing.

Samples of Sales Letters

I have been writing direct mail letters for websites & one of the direct mail letter- "Shah Rukh Khan & your Resume" has emerged as winning letter & has been the "control" generating business continuously for the website from June 2003 till today. The royalty from a control can be mutually decided (somewhere between 0.25 to 0.50 cents or paise 10 to paise 30 per letter).

Samples of Slogans

One of the slogan written for Virgin atlantic.

How much I charge?

My rates vary by the project. Please Click here for sending Mail to ANIL MAHAJANE' for a quote, along with details about the type of work (such as subject matter, length or number of pages) you are interested in having me complete.

My Fee Ranges from Rs. 10,000. to Rs. 100,000. ($ 250 to $ 2500) depending upon the work involved. I work mainly on the followings:

* Direct mail letter

* Business Introductory letter

* Radio Jingles

* Brochure upto 5 pages
& Brochure above 5 pages

* Press ads upto 60 c.c
& Press ads above 60 c.c

* Web content development upto 5 pages
& Web content development above 5 pages

Creative Work Delivery Methods

* First-class delivery by postal mail, on paper or diskette
* Fax
* HTML format; downloadable file online or as an attachment by e-mail
* MS Word (.doc) format; file online or as an attachment by e-mail
* Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format; file online or as an attachment by e-mail
* Plain text (.txt) format; file online or by e-mail


With every project, I offer two rounds of revisions free.
I can invoice by email (plain-text or an attached file) or by postal mail.
I ask for a "kill fee," of 25%, partial payment for all work done before any termination.
You may contact me at my email id

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